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Hi, my name is Daniel. I am working now with Prestashop as a merchant for about 12 years and programmed a lot of tools to make our everyday tasks easier. The problem with software designers many times is, that they actually don’t use their software. They often don’t see what time consuming and tedious workflows there software causes and where the bottlenecks are. Sometimes that may be on purpose as they understandably also need to create profits from selling additional addons and modules but some problems you may only find when you work with their software on a daily basis – as we do.  

One of the most annoying and time consuming tasks is definitely to keep your inventory up to date. Therefore I created the Presta Pilot Faststock module.

I’ve developed various solutions over the years but they all had some limitations as if you want to have an overview over your entire stock you need to find a way on how you can display that in your browser. My early tries worked until a certain number of products but there was always the limitation that you only can display let’s say about 1000 products on a single browser instance before the browser runs into memory issues. The UI becomes unresponsive and so I needed a different approach.

The solution - virtual table with unlimited rows

A couple of years ago I finally found a solution and programmed a proof of concept and then finalized my first implementation. The problem at that time was, that we had a let’s say master inventory on our main website and I had a Laravel backend which processed our Amazon inventory. So when we assembled our Amazon FBA orders, we always had to change the inventory on our main website. Incredible annoying and error prone. So I implemented the first version of the virtual tables real time inventory changer. It was already crucial that the module would check the master inventory in real time before the stock changes were submitted as there might be a slight chance that the inventory level changed in the meantime because for example as a new order on the main website was placed. Long story short, I have the foundation of the module in production now for over 4 years and we never had a problem with this concept. Depending on your server capacity and computer specs, the fast stock module should be able to handle extremely large data sets.

Prestashop Demo - Fast Stock in action

Presta Pilot Fast Stock Feature List

As I could only test it on a limited set of configurations I strongly recommend to track the first actions like inventory changes on your setup. Every transaction should be confirmed in the status bar of the table. Otherwise something is wrong and I would like to ask you to contact me so we can track down the issue together.

Known issues are that in rare cases the product picture is not displayed and sometimes the “product published” tick box is not updated so you really need klick in the center of the tickbox and sometimes even two times until the tickbox changes.


  • ultra fast ajax interface (you load your entire products catalog only once on startup and then you don’t have to reload the page again)
  • fast inventory updates
  • fast online/offline product status updates
  • lots of filter and sort options 
  • full text search in product titles 
  • multiple security measures
  • csv export of filtered tables so you can generate list for reordering fast
  • direct link to the product page in case you need to make modifications to the product details
  • virtual tables are generated on runtime therefore the module can handle large datasets without running into memory problems
  • full version supports fast inventory updates on combination products
  • “real time” stock evaluation. The module will first check the latest stock level and update it in case it was changed after the module was loaded. Therefore it is ideal even for cases where teams are working on one shop instance at the same time. 
  • all transactions are logged in the backend
  • should be compatible with multishops but I did not test it
  • compatible with Prestashop 1.6. and 1.7
  • one year of free updates
  • image thumbnails sizes can be changed to your liking
  • will be enhanced by customer feedback

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For feature requests, improvements, problems and discussions –  please post on my Facebook page (Link below)

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